How tell atk 1.0.3 or pango 1.0.4 where my glib 2.0.6 is located?

Hi, sorry for this newbie question but it is driving
me crazy....... :(

I have compiled and installed glib-2.0.6 under the
location "/pkg/glib/2.0.6". Now I like to build atk
1.0.3 and pango 1.0.4 (to later be able to build gtk+
2.0.6) but both atk and pango screams during
"configure" that they cannot find my glib. How do I
tell them glib is installed under "/pkg/glib/2.0.6"?

When I compiled gtk+ 1.2.10 there where no problems,
since then I could simply give the
--with-glib-prefix=/pkg/glib/1.2.10 to "configure",
but this does not seem to work with atk and pango...

I have tried throwing in symlinks under /usr/local/ to
point to /pkg/glib/2.0.6 but this does not seem to
work for me, maybe I put the wrong symlink?

Please anyone, how can I tell atk and pango where my
glib is installed during building? It doesnt care if
it is an "ugly" fix (I really need to compile gtk+

Thanks for any help!

      Best regards / Friedrisch

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