Re: text entry color problem....


vyadav cdotd ernet in writes:

>     i want to change the white background of text entry,
>     if i change the background color of it then only outline of this
> widget becomes colored...if i change foreground color of it then only text 
> in this gets how the white background can be changed??
>   please help if anybody has tried it...
>    i have written the code like it...
>     gdk_color_parse ("yellow", &color);
>     rc_style = gtk_rc_style_new ();
>     rc_style->bg[GTK_STATE_NORMAL] = color;
>     rc_style->fg[GTK_STATE_NORMAL]=color;
>     rc_style->color_flags[GTK_STATE_NORMAL] |= GTK_RC_BG;
>     rc_style->color_flags[GTK_STATE_NORMAL] |=GTK_RC_FG;
>     gtk_widget_modify_style (entry, rc_style);

IIRC, the text is drawn using style->text[] on a background that uses

Salut, Sven

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