Re: button color

>    i tried of changing the color of button by putting an eventbox on
>it...but it doesn't behave properly doing it color of button has
>changed but when i put the mouse on the button it disappears....
>  when the mouse away from the button it reamins colored..
>   what is the solution of it...

1) your questions are quite irritating. partly the endless supply of
   them, which suggests an unwarranted assumption about the kind of
   help you expect to get from a mailing list, and partly the way you
   put a lot of white space at the end, even in replies.

2) any widget with its own window can have its own colors. a button is
   a widget with its own window. no event box is necessary.

3) GTK+ has a notion of "prelighting" whereby the appearance of a 
   widget changes to indicate that the mouse pointer is within it. if
   you don't set the color for this state of the widget, you will
   get the effect you describe above.

4) please read both the Pennington and the Sheets books on GTK+ (and GNOME).
   they are both available online. you seem to need a much better grounding
   in the background principles of GTK+, and these books will help
   you gain it.


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