ItemFactory and Slash !


I created a Menu for my application  with GtkItemFactory. (Gtk 1.2)
Now , for a menu item a slash ("/") character needs to be  used .
Being the path separator , I cannot use it while creating the menu.
However ,one can set the text of the menu item later once the entire
menu is created .

Just to give you an example -

GtkWidget *widget;
widget = gtk_item_factory_get_widget("/Maths/Divide (A upon B)");
gtk_label_set_text(GTK_LABEL(GTK_BIN(widget)->child), "Divide (A/B)");

This will work . But later on , I'll lose the access of that item .
Afterwards, gtk_item_factory_get_widget("/Maths/Divide (A/B)") wont
return any widget .
Slash creates a problem here.
However access is important because that menuitem needs to be
activated/deactivated at runtime.
How to get that widget back so as to set its sensitivity ?

Thank you  very much for all your help .

Best Regards,


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