help on gtk timeout add

hi list,
         i'am developing a video-conferencing
application which uses SIP(Session Initiation
Protocol) for signalling and once the call is
established i get Jpeg images from the network which
have been compressed using libjpeg!

SO the signalling has 3 threads ! 2 which executes 
the events in the statemachine and one which just
listens on the signalling port!

when i have the threads  for signalling and listening
i use gtk_timeout_add  which calls the Update_Screen
(user defined) fn. and reads the file from the network
and finally calls gtk_widget_queue_draw

now my problem is gtk_timeout_add is called only once 
when i execute and the threads which were running on
the signalling stack are working fine!

so gtk_timeout_add is never called ?

why is this happenning ?
is there any way around to get out of this problem ?

please suggest!

thanx in advance,


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