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On Fri, 2002-08-02 at 06:38, simith nambiar wrote:
> hi list,
>           iam struggling to get a GdkPixnmap object 
> which has a JPEG file in it to display on the drawing
> area, 

If you do a quick browse of the API documentation, you'll find that
gdk_pixbuf has the following function:


This function takes a GdkWindow *, which you can obtain from the
GtkDrawable using the gtk_widget_get_window call or something similar. 
Then on the expose event for the GtkDrawable (remember to set the event
mask, or you may miss this event), just do the

> Please could anyone tell me how i should put it on the
> drawing area in the 
> expose event
> like we put a RGB data as:
> draw_rgb_image(...) 
> but what abt the GdkPixmap
> pleas help !
> is there a way to convert the GdkPixbuf into raw RGB
> data?

No need to do this, although I'm sure the API docs will shed light on
it.  Check them out.


> so that i can convert it and use the same
> draw_rgb_image(..)
> any links.
> thanx in advance,
> Regards,
> Simith
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