Re: Initial size of GtkDrawingArea or GtkScrolledWindow

>Paul Davis wrote:
>> >How can I set an initial / default size for a GtkDrawingArea or a
>> >GtkScrolledWindow?  gtk_widget_set_usize() sort of works, but then the
>> >user can't make the window smaller than the initial size.  (I'm using
>> >gtk+ 1.2.)
>> attach to the size_request event, and override the allocation request.
>Thanks.  I tried that, and it looked like it worked at first.  But, like
>gtk_widget_set_usize(), that seems to set the widget's minimum size. 
>(sawfish won't let me make the window any smaller.)

hmm. i think you're only choice will be to arrange the packing
correctly, then use gtk_window_set_default_size() on the top level
window. that sizing can be overridden - if the packing is right,
you'll get the sizes you want.


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