Installing gtk+ on Windows XP

Hello everybody:
I´ve got a very silly question, sorry but I´m new on this. Well, the problem is that I can´t get to install gtk+ on my computer (Windows XP). I have mingw already installed. I downloaded all the *.zip files, say, libiconv,libintl,glib,pkgconfig,dirent,gtk2.0,atk, pango, needed for gtk+. I only see instructions for unix users and none in the page "GTK+ for Win32" on installation. I tried to extract all this files into the mingw directory, but when I tried to compile a simple program with the flag `pkg-config --cflags --libs --gtk+-2.0`, it replied with a message like
gcc:  `pkg-config:no such a file or directory, the same for gtk+2.0 and gtk/gtk.h.
Please, I need very detailed instructions on how to install this program and compile a program with gcc, step by step. I´ll appreciate your collaboration a lot.

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