Re: io watch callback and condition modification

Szalai Ferenc <szferi angel elte hu> writes:

> Dear Owen,
> > Why can't you simply remove the watch and add a new one? 
> Because for example the write watch will live only util I send the
> response. And because this was a good adventure to undrestand glib main
> loop and iochannel :)
> But lastly I solved the problem to set all bit in the condition of io
> channel and I just modifiy the evnet element of appropriate poll
> structure and it works fine.

If I understand what you are saying, you are doing something illegal. 
You can not modify a GPollFD after you've added it to the event loop.
It might work now, it will very likely not work in the future.
> > Trying to handle mutation of an active source is probably going
> > add a fair bit of thread safety and reentrancy complexity.
> Where can I find any example for it?

We don't do it currently because it's complex :-)


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