Re: glib-config


> I have searched the mailinglist archive and found out that 'glib-config'
> needs to be in the path. Only one problem though ... where is
> glib-config? It didn't install here I think..(?) I have tried to locate
> it but I can't find it anywhere. Did I do something wrong in the
> install? (I only did a configure, make, make install).
This is general porting problem from glib/gtk+ 1.2 to glib/gtk+ 2.0.x
because in a newest version there is pkg-config instead of glib-config,
gtk-config etc.
Many cases help (but not always) if you modify a AM_PATH_GLIB line to
AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0 in file and regenerate the aclocal.m4 file
with aclocal and configure script with autoconf.

Little observation: Generally, if the configure script does not use the
new pkg-config that mean the program require the 1.2 version of glib or

I hope I was clear.

Ferenc Szalai 

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