Custom Signals


I am new to this list so if I ask something dumb please forgive me :)

I am working on a GTK+ program with a tabbed interface.  Each tab can
display same or different kind of a container widget.  It is like MDI.

I have an Edit menu and this menu contains actions which are common to
all documents.  The actions will be handled on a different fashion on
each class of document.

For example, Edit Copy action should call a  function on the active tab.

In win32 I do this by defining a custom message and sending this signal
to the active window and responding differently on each window's message

Is there a way to achive this in GTK+?

I tried using the following fucntions:


but when I connect an event handler, it persists and even if the active
tab is changed it calls the last connected function.

Please help :)


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