Re: Next, previous button????

I don't really quite get you, Paul. Are there any examples which I can refer to?

Can some more people help me out on this because I am really at a loss.


From: Paul Davis <pbd Op Net>
To: "Ricky Foo" <blue_pion hotmail com>
CC: gtk-list gnome org
Subject: Re: Next, previous button????
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 00:46:07 -0400

> I am facing this problem. I have a couple of frames which I want to show. >How I intend to proceed about doing that is at the bottom of the frames, I
>have 3 buttons namely, previous, next and cancel.
> My question is this: how do I proceed from present frame to another using
>the "next" button and also back to present using the "previous" button on
>the next frame. Do I just do a gtk_widget_hide or something else? How can I
>ensure that the data fields in the previous frame are still there when I
>press the "previous " button. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks!

personally, i'd stick the fields in a notebook, hide the tabs (read
the reference manual for how to do this), and then use the buttons to
move from page to page of the notebook.


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