glib/gtk standard conformance

Hi All,

As you might know we at (Sun) have to take the various components of GNOME 2.0 
through Sun's architectural review process. 

I am the "Responsible Sun developer" for glib/gtk+

I'm in the process of filling up to so called 20 questions document.
On question 8.6 :

8.6  Are there any existing or proposed standards it conforms to or
     deviates from?  Examples: SPARC/Intel ABI, OMG/CORBA, POSIX, SVID,
     XPG (X/Open Portability Guide), RFCs, national or international
     standards.  Include version numbers.
I was wondering if you could tell me if I'm missing any standard that 
glib and/or gtk are conforming to...

So far here is my answer :
    - POSIX
    - ICCCM version 2
    - Motif Dnd
    - Xdnd
    - X session management protocol
    - Window Manager Specification
    - xsettings
I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few (e.g. in the IM, i18n, etc area).

If you know of any other standard glib and gtk are conforming to
please email me.



[ I speak for myself, not for my employer. ]
  Erwann Chénedé, Sun Microsystems Ireland
  Desktop Applications & Middleware Group

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