Re: help on file selection

In message <15306 64956 804872 261992 beluga mojam com>you write:
>    Giovanni> i would like to implement a file section dialog box.  i'm
>    Giovanni> capable to create a file selection window, but it's not whast
>    Giovanni> i need.  the dialog for selecting the file name should be
>    Giovanni> modal.
>My understanding is that to make a dialog modal you simply call
>gtk_dialog_run(), which won't return until the user has clicked something
>that caused the dialog to emit a response signal.  At that point, your
>signal handler should be (or have been) called.

not quite, but not that generic. i tend to use:

    gtk_window_set_modal (win, true);

when the window pops up for some reason, only events on that window
will be processed by the main event loop, and there is no need to use
a recursive instance of the main loop.


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