Item Factories, scales, etc

I've got an ItemFactory that I'm building at runtime
when a user right-clicks on an item. Then, after the
menu is created it pops up where the user right-clicked.
The only problem I'm running into is that some things
that I'm right-clicking on have /'s in them. This causes
ItemFactory to create another submenu when it displays.
I've tried escaping the slashes and some other things,
but nothing seems to work. Is there any way to get rid
of this odd behavior?

Also, I've noticed that vscales go from top->bottom,
lowest->highest. In many ways, this does not make sense
and it is not intuitive for a user trying to use the
scale. Is there any way to reverse this?

One last note, the archive searching for the gtk-list
does not work.
Jeff "Shippy" Shipman     E-Mail: shippy nmt edu
Computer Science Major    ICQ: 1786493
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

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