Help - need some insight into experience.


Does GTK/GDK do anything before displaying the messages. Here is what I see.

I compiled the messages using msgfmt as usual. The messages are iso-8859-1
compliant encoded.

Then I set my local to ta_IN (I guess it is nolonger just ta). And the
messages I see make no sense. They seem to be a collection of characters but
no meaningful words.

Then as a test I compiled my messages into en_GB (which I assumed would also
be iso-8859-1 compliant) and then set my locale to en_GB. Now I see the
messages but many of the characters in the extended ASCII set (128 - 255)
are not displayed (about 12 of them).

I can only conclude that GDK or something is doing/analyzing the locale and
the encoding that locale expects and does something to the messages.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

If this is something that would need to be fixed in the future versions, I would verymuch like to talk to someone involved with glib/gtk/gdk to help fix this.

Thanks in advance.


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