Display wide char (CJK fonts) without setting locale???

To whom it may concern,

Currently, I am trying to write a program to display multinational font.
(similar to browser which can shown CJK fonts at the same time). I would
like to know is it possible to display CJK fonts (chinese font/Japanese
font/Korean font, etc) under GTK without setting the locale?? As I find
out that even the locale is not supported or set properly, xfontsel seem
to function correctly. (i.e. display CJK fonts). But GTK seem not
working under that can't of enviroment even I successfully load the
fontset for CJK fonts by using the gdk_fontset_load.

Also if I set up the locale correctly to zh_TW.Big5, and then use the
command gdk_fontset_load to load any of the japanese font availble in my
linux system. The program still use the Big5 encoding method to encode
those japanese font. Therefore, I appreciate if any one can give me any
advice about my problem.

Many thanks!


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