Re: Please, a little exemple with html widget

On Wed, 2001-10-31 at 00:23, youssa voila fr wrote:
> Hi all,
> pplease, can you send me any little exemple using a html widget.
> any help is important for me.
> Hva a good time
> Youssa

You can go take a look at:

But basically, to use it, you do something like:

    #include <gtkmozembed.h>


    // Initialization
    GtkMozEmbed * mozzie = NULL;

    mozzie = gtk_moz_embed_new();


That would load up a specific URL.

If you wanted to render some HTML from a buffer you would do something

    char * s = "<h1>Hello worl</h1><p>I am an HTML message</p>";

    gtk_moz_embed_append_data(mozzie, s, strlen(s));

In this, the second parameter of "gtk_moz_embed_open_stream" --
""; -- is what relative links are relative
to.  (It might be just a garbage value for what you are doing.)

You have to link to the correct library.  So make sure you link using
the option:


Also make sure you have this libary (and its header files) installed.

Hope that helps a bit.

See ya

     Charles Iliya Krempeaux
     tnt @
     ckrempea @

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