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Above is a link to code which uses something besides "<main>" which you may want to follow as an example...  (see "<PolyLine>" in the example).
I'm going to guess (Without implementing/testing, again, since I'm not at the office) that it has something to do with where you want your menu located (i.e. as a sub-menu, perhaps).
My reply text probably isn't so helpful, but I'm hoping the above link will be of some use.
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Subject: Item factory args
Hi folks,

Can anyone explain arg 2?

gtk_item_factory_new  (GtkType container_type,
                                            const gchar *path,
                                            GtkAccelGroup *accel_group);

What is the "path" all about?  The examples / docs reference <main> but
that has little or no meaning to me.


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