Re: Trying to do a "personal" install of gtk+1.2.10

Hello David,

If you are giving a --prefix=$HOME, then you need to add $HOME/lib
into your LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and not $HOME/glib-1.2.10.

Just my random 2 cents, and please see the last few lines of
config.log when your ./configure fails :)


>>>>> "David" == David Goldsmith <dgoldsmi hawaii edu> writes:

    David> I'm trying to do a "personal" install - because I don't
    David> have root access - of gtk+1.2.10 in Solaris 5.7.  As near
    David> as I can tell (none of the steps in the install
    David> instructions terminated w/ an error or warning), I
    David> successfully installed all the glib files in a glib-1.2.10
    David> directory immediately under my home directory, and added my
    David> home directory, $HOME/glib-1.2.10, and all the directories
    David> under $HOME/glib-1.2.10 to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and then in
    David> $HOME/gtk+-1.2.10, sh ./configure --prefix=$home gets
    David> successfully as far as

    David> "checking for
    David> glib-config... /home/hal/dgoldsmi/bin/glib-config"

    David> but then reports:

    David> checking for GLIB - version >= 1.2.8... no *** Could not

    David> I have addeded everything I can think of to my
    David> LD_LIBRARY_PATH, I have no file in /etc (and
    David> can't add one 'cause I don't have root access), and
    David> ldconfig doesn't appear to be recognized by my system.

    David> Am I trying to do the impossible?  If not, what do I need
    David> to do?  Thanks,

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