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On 3 May 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

::Vicki Stanfield <vicki stanfield net> writes:
::> I have programmed using Motif for several years but am just beginning
::> with GTK. I have created a window  with two text widgets on it. Each
::> widget displays only part of the text instead of defaulting to the size
::> required to display it all. I have toyed with the word wrapping and text
::> wrapping functions but can't get it to enlarge the window so that all
::> text is displayed. Any hints?
::If the user can't edit the text to make it huge and you know the text
::will be smallish, just use GtkLabel. If the user can edit the text or
::the text might be big, do you really want this to happen?
::This is the rationale for why the text widget behaves as it does,
::anyway. Can you explain the situation or behavior you want in more

Actually I am trying to create a window with some static text in addition to
some other widgets. Am I supposed to use a text widget for this or a label
widget? Since the text is static, sizing should not be a problem.

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