Re: how to fix an "assertion failed" ?

Chris Ellec <cae oco net> writes:
> I get the following error everytime I close one of my windows, and I was
> wondering how to track it down:
> Glib critical **file main.c line 500 (g_source_remove) assertion 'tag > 0'
> failed.

Run the app in gdb with --g-fatal-warnings:

$ gdb myapp
(gdb) run --g-fatal-warnings
[close the window, note crash]
(gdb) backtrace

That will show where it crashes.

Of if you're wondering what the message means, it means someone tried
to gtk_timeout_remove(), gtk_idle_remove(), etc. a source ID of 0.

(gtk_timeout_remove() and friends are legacy compatibility wrappers
around g_source_remove()).


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