RE: gtk_window_set_title() not always working properly

Nothing.  It doesn't get listed.

				-- Stupid Genius

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> From: 	Owen Taylor[SMTP:otaylor redhat com]
> Sent: 	Thursday, March 15, 2001 6:49 PM
> To: 	Dugas, Alan
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> Subject: 	Re: gtk_window_set_title() not always working properly
> "Dugas, Alan" <alan dugas analog com> writes:
> > I'm currently running into a problem where on two particular systems my gtk+
> > application window titles are all being set to "No Name".  I've only seen
> > this happen on two systems, a large number of systems running either solaris
> > or sunOS4.1.4 work just fine.  The mailing list archives make a reference to
> > this being something that is controled by the window manager, in this case
> > olwm.  Looking up the man page for olwm I found the following reference;
> > 
> > "DefaultTitle (string)
> > 	Specifies the string to be used in the title bar of windows that
> > have not provided a string in the WM_NAME property.  Default value: No
> > Name."
> > 
> > Based on this description, it seems to me that gtk_window_set_title() is not
> > always working properly under olwm.  It appears that it only sometimes sets
> > WM_NAME properly.  Does anyone know of a patch or workaround for this
> > feature/bug?  Thanks in advance to those who reply.
> What does xprop show for WM_NAME?
>                                         Owen

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