Re: gtk+-1.2.10

J. Ali Harlow wrote:

> In the meantime, we will be forced
> to ship stable versions that subvert your check if you refuse to provide a
> workaround. The code is already written and in place. The user will see
> nothing.

Wow, we could play a game here. Owen scores a point whenever he releases
GTK source (or a patch, just to make the cycle shorter) which makes GTK
unusable with the existing game binaries. You score a point whenever you
release source or a patch which will work setgid with the existing GTK
binaries. To make it more interesting, patches don't have to be portable,
ie. a single OS on a specific architecture counts.

And mere mortals can take whichever side they want, but they only may
select compiler, linker and assembler flags, without changing the sources.

> I would be delighted to delete it if 1.2.9 was the only version that
> needed it.

Why, 1.2.8 and earlier should also be in the game. :-)

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