Re: GtkDrawingArea & Zoom

In message <082201c119d3$19585de0$afd3430a sud capgemini fr>you write:
>I want to use a GtkDrawingArea (I'll have lots of data represent by
>rectangles, lines and points all spread over) and I'm thinking of
>implementing a zoom feature.
>I would like to know if there is no particular technics to do such a job?
>Like if it is rather good to multiply the size of the Drawing Area by the
>zoom factor and doing the same to the coordinates of the darwn objects?
>If you encountered the same task, what solution did you choose and why?

The Canvas. You can choose the "official" GnomeCanvas, or the
"GnomeFree" backport called GtkCanvas.

It does everything you want, and more. It contains pretty advanced
graphics techniques to optimize redrawing time. I thoroughly recommend


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