Re: continuing/stopping signal emission

Skip Montanaro <skip pobox com> writes:
> When writing a new signal handler, I *always* have to go back and find an
> example piece of code to remind myself whether I stop signal propagation
> with FALSE or TRUE, because neither one has any mnemonic significance for me
> in this context.  How difficult would it be to add a new enum to gtk that
> defines symbols that are more suggestive of the author's intended action?
> Something like:
>     typedef enum
>     {
>     } GtkSignalPropagationChoices;
> I write this not being certain I have the values correct, but I know the
> names will mean something to me if I see them.  ;-)

That would be a bit nicer I agree, but probably not possible in the
2.0 timeframe at least.


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