Re: GtkStyles and RC-Files.

>IMHO it is a design flaw when it is not possible to retrieve the styles
>defined in the current set of gtkrc's. Sometimes there are different
>"classes of styles" necessary. It would be cool, if the application-
>programmer can say: "Ok, these Widgets have the style "important" and
>these widgets have the style "optional". I let the user decide via the
>gtkrc how these styles look like."

All that is happening here is that there is an added layer of
indirection. Instead of what you describe, we have two levels:

 the programmer: this widget is called "FOO"
 the RC file writer: style "foo" looks like this AND "FOO" uses it

Your solution doesn't get rid of the fundamental problem: how does the
RC file writer/editor know which names are important? In your scheme,
they have to know the names of the styles; in the existing scheme,
they have to know the names of the widgets, since the style names are
completely "private" to the RC file. 


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