Re: Marshalling CClosures

On 29 Jul 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> This still makes no sense to me, but perhaps you can ask him to
> explain it, or maybe you can figure it out.

I want to use GClosures like SigC::Slots from the great C++ library
libsigc++: `callback function objects' that I can pass around and call
when I feel like it. So not tied to signals at all.

I see two workarounds to this current limitation:
	1, Creating a dummy GSignal, connecting the closure to it,
emitting the singal and then distroying it
	2, touching the GClosure's marshal field (yes I know this is

In the hope of the current situation being only a temporary limitation,
I've decided to go with #2, so the following works currently:

	listener->priv->event_callback->marshal =
	g_closure_invoke (listener->priv->event_callback,

but I feel dirty after using it.

Tim, will we ever get invokeable standalone C closures for GLIB 2?

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