Re: [nylug-talk] GIMP How to configure????

<<On 2001.07.26 16:15:32 -0400 David Blackman wrote:
seriously, if you wnat to use the gimp, install from binaries,
installing everything form glib up to gimp is not fun, nor a worthwhile
use of your time (that is if you want an image editing program to use
RSN). >>

Seriously, your not correct.  It's a great use of his time, and he's
learning something, and it's important for him to learn.

Seriously, I've installed the Gimp always from source, and seriously, it is
always more stable and with more plugins and capabilities when I do it by


<<It may be useful as a learnign experience.>>


<<what you probably want is to do './configure --prefix=/usr/local'

also, for later, are your gtk libs in /usr/local/bin? (probably)
then you need to have "/usr/local/bin" in /etc/ and you've run
"ldconfig". >>


He's probibly having trouble with and doesn't know it because he
has never install glib or gtk before by hand.  He's not fully aware of the
systems being employed.

<<On a system, especially a newbie one, installing binaries makes your
life easier, makes upgrading/installing/removing packages easier, and
stuff like that. Just a word of advice. I'm sure someone will tell me
how grotesquely wrong I am, and that building from source is the only
way to do it. They're wrong.>>

No - YOU ARE WRONG.  And your insulting.  If he doesn't learn how to
install from source, then how is he every going to advanced past the stage
of being a newbie.

He's not a salaried employ using Linux because he's been assigned to.  He's
a Linix Newbie who wants to learn the system, how it works, and how to be a
power user.

He earns a 6 digit salery and is a world traveller.  If he wanted fast and
stupid, he'd just keep using photoshop.

Is your hair still painted Green?


Brooklyn Linux Solutions


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