help with GtkStyles

can anybody tell me if each widget has its own GtkStyle structure/object
or do all the widgets in an app share the same? 

The reason I'm asking is that I've been doing some work in php-gtk (Gtk+
bindings for php) and have come across the case where modifying the style
of one widget (in this case a CList) also effects the others (a CTree and
a GtkText) unless I specifically copy the GtkStyle, modify the copy
and then change the widget's Style to be the new GtkStyle.

My suspicion is that each widget has its own GtkStyle and that there's a
bug in the php-gtk bindings..but I can't find this in any of the docs or
mailing list archives (BTW: the searching of mailing lists seems to be
broken, I entered GtkStyle and got no results, but browsing this months
archives I found the word several times).


Rich Payne
rpayne alphalinux org

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