Re: How to deallocate memory? => a quest for a new memory allocator.

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> A bug in your program. Maybe you are freeing things twice and the
> second time you have junk memory instead of a widget.
seems to be a normal malloc() problem. (gdk functions use d_malloc()
and d_free() which currently end up in malloc() and free() ).

calling free() twice on the same atom produces very strange things,
normally resulting in crashing with SIGSEGV.

thats one reason why i wrote my own memory allocator, which can be
found at

it provides reference counting, finalizers, etc. .
this project also brings its own build enviroment, which allows very 
easy writing of platform idependent makefiles and obsoletes automake
for most cases ...


 Enrico Weigelt 
 meTUX IT Services

 email:     weigelt metux de
 phone:     +49 36207 51833
 cellphone: +49 174 7066481

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