Re: problem while executing

Hi Anand,

On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, Anand wrote:
> the program has compiled properly,
> but on executing I get this message repeatedly, which i suppose means 
> that there is some problem with

	Yes, these repeated messages are quite difficult to find until you
run your program through gdb and pass in the "--g-fatal-warnings" argument
to "run".  That is:

$ gdb packbox
(gdb) run --g-fatal-warnings

	Instead of printing a screen full of warnings, it'll stop close to
where the problem is and you can do a backtrace to locate the problem.
Quite effective and has worked every time for me so far!

	I ran your code under v1.3.x and got a segmentation fault instead. 
Noticed one problem with your code.  You probably should get a return
value to gvk_vbox_new.  That is, replace: 



box = gtk_vbox_new(FALSE,0);

	I think that's your only problem, but I'm not sure.  Good luck!


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