Re: How to move to next GTK_ENTRY

"David J. Topper" <topper virginia edu> writes:
> I've got a chain of gtk_entrys that I want to advance between when I hit
> tab.  I've almost got it working, but all the following does is select
> text ... it does not allow me to edit.  I have to manually click the
> mouse.

On my system, Tab already moves to the next widget when you press it
in an entry.

>    gtk_widget_activate(next_ent);

You probably want gtk_widget_grab_focus() instead.

> gtk_editable_select_region(GTK_EDITABLE(next_ent),0,strlen(next_text));
>    gtk_editable_set_position(GTK_EDITABLE(next_ent),0);

Maybe do this in a focus_in_event handler on the next entry, instead of here.


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