Re: gtk_object_set_data (GList)?

>1. can't convert void * to data, either if I do
>something like


  comboitem = (struct data * )g_malloc(sizeof(struct data));

>2. I use gtk_combo_set_popdown_strings to add the
>glist to the combo, but... if I use a structure... it
>only shows ASCII codes and not the strings...

thats because i didn't even bother to read the posted example, which
is completely wrong. the GtkCombo *requires* a GList of char *,
nothing else will do. you'll need to find some other method if you
want to associate strings with data pointers. 

typically, i use a static array of strings, and then scan the array
for the chosen string. this gives me an index, which i can use to
access some array of data pointers. but there are lots of other ways
to do it.


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