Getting the number of row in a CList (add new feature to GTK?)


I was looking at how to get the number of row of a CList, and I find out
that this is not implemented. We can get the number of column via the args
"n_columns" but nothing for the row. (I've looked in the source code of the
So I find that in the _GtkClist structure there is a "rows" field which
should maybe linked to a "n_rows" arguments? Or is it a mistake of
conception of me? I know that in futur version, this component will be
deprecated. So maybe nobody will work on adding such a feature. But then is
there an erzatz (something equiv.) to this widget in the futur
implementation of GTK? I couldn't really found out something similar on the
web site...

Best regards,
Jean-Christophe Berthon

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