How to change fonts in Widgets GTK+ (results) ???

I used this code to change the font in a label as indicated :

  label_novo = gtk_label_new (_(""));


  label_novo->style->font =

 gtk_label_set_text (GTK_LABEL(label_novo), _("NOVO VALOR LEGAL"));

  gtk_widget_ref (label_novo);

But the fonts does not changed, the font name was choosed from the
program xlsfonts by random way.

There's some type of error in this code ?

I want to know the references for structure label_novo (GtkWidget) too,
but the GTK reference manual does not say nothing about this.

I will attempt to change fonts in other Widget (ex: button) and will say
the results

Thanks for any help.

flaviothunder yahoo com
engenharia3 maqplas com br

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