RE: Porting Gnome Applet on win32

> "Hugues Bernard" <hbernard gynov org> writes: 
> > I'm trying to 'port' the applet-library from linux-gnome to win32.
> > I aim at building gnome-applet-s which are 'pure GTK' on MS-Windows.
> I think you mean "write a functional equivalent" rather than "port" ;-)

You mean 'port' would be having a Gnome Desktop ?
Yes, you got it, I just want to build without changes simple gnome'applet.

> > 3. An other way could be having a new appbar (like the taskbar)
> > which will receive applets.  But then, I need to use the gtk_plug
> > widget.  Does it works on win32 ?
> I'm not sure it works on Windows.

I'm working on. Post on the gimpwin-dev wasn't very successfull :[

> I think your first step would be to
> port it. I would suggest doing this in the GTK+ unstable version
> (1.3.x) instead of the stable branch, so that your work is useful into
> the future.
> Havoc

Did the plug implementation change a lot between stable and unstable ?
'cause I've not very much time, and getting a 1-3-6 build on win32 seems to need some.
Maybe Hans Breuer know more about port of Gtk-Plug ? Tor seems to be off-line, allas :(



PS: Oh, yes, sorry for my english. I'd love speak about gtk in french, but ...

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