Re: [CList] Making a CList user-modifiable


Thanks Stephen and Albert for your answer about this GtkSheet. It might be
what I need but seems that the conception of this widget is more matrix
oriented whereas the GtkCList (and pronto_list) where more fiting my needs
(managing rows of data...)
But I'm going to try both ways and see which one offer good ergonomics
design and good performance, and choose then. The thing I wanted to know is
: is this gtkextra package under the LGPL licence? I didn't find anything
about it on the web site, and in the source code they are speaking about
Library General Public Licence (I though LGPL stood for Less General Public
I'm making a program for a customer, and we are selling this service (but
the program is own by the customer). Is it possible that, with the LGPL, I
add a new functionnality to the gtkextra package (not by modifying it but by
linking it and another file with the new fonctionnality to my program)? Or
am I outlaw?

Best regards,
Jean-Christophe Berthon

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> If you are programming in c, you might try:
> I haven't tried it yet, because I'm working in Ruby and no one has done a
> binding yet.
> Sounds like what you want.
> On Friday 06 July 2001 03:21, you wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I've sent an email (subject "About CList" 5th July) about the CList and
> > they were a possibility for the user to modify an element in the same
> > as with a spreadsheet (like gnumeric or excel).
> > If this object cannot do it, it there a workaround? Or tips? Or maybe
> > another similar object which can do it.
> >
> > I've tried to have a look at gnumeric but it seems that they built there
> > own spreadsheet, drawing each lines, etc. I've pitily not enough time to
> > think of something similar. I'd need an already built widget doing that
> > kind of work.
> >
> > Thanks a lot in advance for any answer. Every tips or suggestion will be
> > really useful,
> > Have a nice day.
> >
> >
> > Best regards,
> > ---
> > Jean-Christophe Berthon
> >
> >
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