Re: [CList] Making a CList user-modifiable

On 06 Jul 2001 10:21:18 +0200, Jean-Christophe Berthon wrote:
> Hello,
> I've sent an email (subject "About CList" 5th July) about the CList and if
> they were a possibility for the user to modify an element in the same way as
> with a spreadsheet (like gnumeric or excel).
> If this object cannot do it, it there a workaround? Or tips? Or maybe
> another similar object which can do it.
> I've tried to have a look at gnumeric but it seems that they built there own
> spreadsheet, drawing each lines, etc. I've pitily not enough time to think
> of something similar. I'd need an already built widget doing that kind of
> work.

There is a widget called GtkSheet that does what you want. It's part of
the GtkExtra package and can be found at:


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