Pan / Gtk theme problem?

I'm having a problem with the Pan newsreader, which I *think* is Gtk
theme related.  (This is why I post it here.)

I have Pan 0.9.7 installed on two computers.  From my account on one
computer, everything works fine.  From my account on the second computer,
when I try to post a new messages to a newgroup, the text area widget in
the coposition window has black text on a black background.  You see the
problem here.  Again, the same exact Pan RPM on another computer doesn't
show this problem.  Both computers have the same Gtk+ RPMs installed.

I'm sure this is something somewhere in my own user configuration.  I'm
just not sure what it can be!  Both accounts have ~/.gtkrc files which
points to a default empty theme.  (I'm just trying to use the Gtk native
look here.)

Any suggestions anybody could offer would be appreciated.  I fear widget
toolkits are getting too complicated... by making them so configurable,
there are more and more places where they can get screwed up, and it gets
harder and harder for one individual to keep track of all the places where
they might get screwed up.


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