Re: confused about arrow key syms

KP_Up would be 8.
KP_PgUp would be 9.

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Actually, I think what Skip was asking about was what KP_Up meant. 
I don't know from a GTK point of view, but from what I know of laptops, it
would be the Page Up that you get on your numeric pad.  Most laptops do
have a numeric pad, but you have to hit like three keys :-) to turn it on
and doing so, usually turns on some light first.  On a full keyboard, the
other Page Up/Page Down on the keypad is "9"  and "3" respectively with
numlock off.  The normal ones would be the grey keys between the numeric
pad and your keyboard.


PS:  The numeric pad on a laptop is usually under your right hand
somewhere...with "4" being the J key and "5" being K, and so forth.  If
you don't have numbers marked on them, you might not have them...

On Fri, 6 Jul 2001, Steph wrote:

> speaking as the owner of a pre-Gates keyboard ... I have Page Up and Page Dn keys.
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> Subject: confused about arrow key syms
> What keys do the following similar keysyms correspond to (all names from
> gdkkeysyms.h):
>     GDK_Up
>     GDK_Page_Up
>     GDK_KP_Up
>     GDK_KP_Page_Up
> The up arrow key on my laptop (it only has an inverted T set of arrow keys)

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