Re: Transmit an array to a function


On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Anthony Ferrand wrote:
> > I'm not sure about it but try this :
> > gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT(button),"clicked",GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(function),
> > widget);
> > according that widget is the name of your array (GtkWidget *widget[20])
> > This should work, I think (thought I never tried it...)

	Not sure how to do it, but I did ask a similar question a month
ago about passing more than just an integer (using GINT_TO_POINTER) into
my structures.  Two people were nice enough to reply to my message.  I
haven't tried what they suggested, but I definitely will because a *huge*
global structure is working fine, but it makes it hard for me to sleep at
night.  :-) 

	The two messages were from Charlie Schmidt and John Cupitt.  The
subject of the posts should be:  "Re: Argument passing / GTKTextView" and
they both promptly replied after my post on June 13th, 2001.  I'm sure
from this, you can find their messages in the archives and see if that
helps you.  I asked about a structure, but an array shouldn't be too

	[BTW, I don't remember if I thanked Charlie and John for their
post...I should thank them now if I haven't!  ^_^]

	Good luck!


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