How to compile GTK FB ?

Hi !!
I'm trying to compile GTK+ with frame buffer enabled. I don't want to use
the X support at all. I got the latest version of GTK+. i.e version 1.3.6. I
have all the packages required for that in my machine(Glib,pango,
pkgconfig,atk etc.). But this version is looking for some X functions during

I have tried another approach also. I tried gtk-directfb. It doesn't use the
X support. I got the development version of gtk-directfb from the site I have installed the following packages:
1.Linux kernel 2.4.4
2.Directfb (it's working fine with vesafb, I don't have matrox card)
3.Pango, pkgconfig, glib,atk etc.
4.Compiled successfully the gtk+directfb. The demos in this package are
running fine.
The problem is it's not creating the gtk-config at /usr/bin
Could you help me in installing gtk+ which doesn't use X support at all ?

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