RE: Problem with GTK 1.3.6 on mingw32

Ok an update here. I have found the missing file in my cygwin install.
Copying it over allows me to compile. Unfortunately, copying the linintl.a
from cygwin does not seems to work as the linker complains about missing
symbols (__error and _imp__ctype).

I guess I need to find a version of libintl built for mingw (which does NOT
come with it, I checked).

Any help on that? or pointers? I have done numerous searches on google
without success ....

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>>Subject: Problem with GTK 1.3.6 on mingw32
>>I am trying to built GTK on win32 using the "preferred" gcc
>>compiler, mingw,
>>and the build fails.
>>I have done the following :
>>- Downloaded and installed mingw32
>>- Downloaded GTK+-all-1.3.6 from the ftp site
>>- uncompressed it in a a directory
>>- went to the glib directory, and I type make -f makefile.mingw
>>- Igot the libiconv-1.6.1 port the sourceforge and installed it (not in
>>../libiconv-1.5.1 though) ...
>>AFAIK, this should all work as is. The win32 build instructions
>>are a litle
>>hazy though ....
>>the error I get is the following :
>>cp config.h.win32 config.h
>>cp glibconfig.h.win32 glibconfig.h
>>gcc -mno-cygwin -mpentium -fnative-struct -O2 -I
>>-DG_LOG_DOMAIN=g_log_domain_glib -DG_EN
>>../libiconv-1.5.1/include -Wall   -c -o gconvert.o gconvert.c
>>In file included from gconvert.c:37:
>>glibintl.h:10: libintl.h: No such file or directory
>>make: *** [gconvert.o] Error 1
>>I have looked everywhere, but I cant find this libintl.h anywhere ...
>>what am I missing?
>>Thanks for your help .....
>>							Steve
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