Re: Problems with window position, virtual desktops and fonts

Hi John

> > 1. Positioning of windows
> I use gdk_window_get_root_origin() and gtk_widget_set_uposition().


> > 2. Show / Hide a window on the same virtual desktop
> Good question, but I can't help :-(

I started to connect nearly every signal to a funtion to gain knowledge
about the order the signals are procecced.
Useing something like gtk_signal_emit_stop_by_name() to prevent more
signal emissionns...

> > 3. Quick way to find the best font to fill an area
> I believe when you load a scaleable font, X prerenders all the glyphs in
> the font to bitmaps, ready to send to the display ... this is pretty
> slow (and used to lock the X server while it did it, though I think this
> has been fixed).
> Maybe you could keep a cache: every time you load a font, measure the
> width of all the characters you will be using, and keep the information
> around in a big hash. When you test a string, add up the widths of the
> characters, and compare to your limit.
> I think X does not do kerning in XDrawString(), so for latin charsets at
> least you'll be OK. I guess you've not tried this with pango :-)

I think pango just works with gtk 1.3.x - am I right?

I thought of a new way to load the fonts.
My program is already multi threaded. So I will start a thread, which will
load all the possible fonts. Normally the user wouldn't often change the
font. So I keep them loaded and size lookup would be quick.
That's the theory but how much mem takes a loaded font (if it's really a
I will have to test it...

> HTH, John



BTW - what does HTH stand for?

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