Re: I cannnot update progressbar..

Hi, Trog.
Thank you for message.

Trog <trog gtk org> wrote:

> On 09-Jan-2001 Naoko Shimakawa wrote:
> > 
> > I'm trying updating progressbar. But it is not success.
> > FAQ says "use while( gtk_main_iteration() );".
> > I try it and I read archives of mailing list.
> > But I cannot find my mistake.
> I haven't looked at your code, but that should be:
> while (g_main_iteration(FALSE));

When I wrote
    while (g_main_iteration(FALSE));
it makes compile error.

When I wrote
    while (g_main_iteration());
it doesn't make compile error.
But Progress bar didn't update.

My Gtk version is wrong?

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