Re: GtkText 1.2.8 bug list

"J. Ali Harlow" <gtk-list optosun7 city ac uk> writes: 
> Nor did I until I went and looked at it after it was mentioned here a few days
> ago. It was stated at the time that it was mainly a bug-fixed GtkText. My brief
> look suggests that this isn't the case. It looks like a major
> re-write to me.

Not too surprising; major re-write is the only way to fix GtkText.

> > Yeah, it's written, but the text widget from there can't very easily
> > be backported to 1.2, so you'd have to use the whole unstable
> > GTK. Which will be out early this year, we certainly hope.
> Well, it might solve my problems. I can stay with GtkText for my UNIX ports,
> and assume that it's a stable GTK+ out there but use the new code under
> MS-Windows. If you would be prepared to publish it, I for one would be grateful.

There are unstable snapshots available, and as-of-right-now code is
available from anonymous CVS (
CVS modules glib, pango, gtk+. 
> I've got problems with line wrap symbols being displayed that shouldn't be
> which look bad and with text being overwritten transiently during
> insertion.
> Neither of these are really major problems, however our users tend to be a
> fussy lot! Not that I'm complaining; that's how quality software is produced.
> It looks as though I may have to consider writing my own widget. Is there any
> documentation or code examples available that I can use without licensing
> problems?

The only really extensive "how to write a widget" docs I know of are
in my book, Also, the GTK
tutorial has a shorter section on it. The code examples from my book
are basically public domain (X-style license).

The other main code examples would be existing widgets, such as
GtkText, ExText, the new TextView in GTK+ unstable, the NEdit and
KWrite widgets, etc.


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