Re: GdkColor and GdkGC question


> From GTK 2, can cut-and-paste into GTK 1.2 as far as I see, but have
> to include gdk/gdkx.h.
> void
> gdk_colormap_query_color (GdkColormap *colormap,
>                           gulong       pixel,
>                           GdkColor    *result)
> {
>   XColor xcolor;
>   GdkVisual *visual;

This obviously won't work on Windows.. Or does Windows port
automatically fill in the red/green/blue values?

Is there a #define that I can use to conditionally compile this function
in under X-windows?


Windows 2000 is certified not to crash more than
once a day, so what is the bootup time, 24 hours?
-- Sam Liddicott

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