Re: Accelerators in GTK+

"Padraig O'Briain" <Padraig Obriain ireland sun com> writes:

> Is there any documentation or tutorial on the use of Accelerator keys in GTK+? I 
> found a few paragraphs in the book Developing Linux Applications with GTK+ and 
> GDK by Eric Harlow but did not find anything in the GTK+ tutorial or 
> documentation.
> Am I correct in assuming that accelerators must be specified when the code in 
> written; i.e. it is not possible to specify them subsequently in a resource 
> file?
> I am also interested in, what Motif calls a mnemonic, i.e. this is typically one 
> character in a label of a button in a menu which is underlined and when entered 
> on the keyboard activates the button. Is using gtk_item_factory_... the only way 
> to achieve this?

You may want to look at:

It is a chapter from a book project I'm involved in (please don't
redistribute.)  It explains most of the relevant issues in GTK+-1.2
key handling.

Note that the handling of accelerators does differ somewhat between
plain GTK+, gnome-libs, and Bonobo.


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