ANNOUNCE: gtkentrymask - gtkentry with masks and types

Hello, I am proud to announce a new gtk entry widget that allows to add
type and mask (with internationalization, I hope ;-) ) to gtkentry. It
is at:

This is one of the several extended widgets that I plan to make. The
package is called gtkwidgexts.

The gtkentrymask widget allows the programmer to set the type of data of
the entry to Number, Currency, Date, Time, Datetime and String. Once
set, the entry doesn't allow to type invalid characters for that type.
In addition, the programmer can set a mask for the valid text, for
example  "###,##0.00":

# - Numeric character, may be blank
0 - Numeric character, can't be blank
.  - decimal point
,  - thousands separator
* - repeat mask characters

For string entries, the mask can be like "(999)99-99-99" for telephons,
"" for IP addresses, etc.
For dates and times, the mask can be like "dd/mm/yyyy hh:MM:ss" or
whatever you like.

The development is at its first stage, is on CVS at SourceForge and any
help developing the code or the documentation is very welcome.

           Santiago Capel Torres

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